Elements of Eleganza: Splits

This classical cut on a dress is one to stay but why don’t we see this on bridal gowns?

A classical sexy split is a definite way to grab some attention and for a bride all the attention should be on her.

The sexy split is seen everywhere from couture to the red carpet to the high street but when it comes to bridal this cut is an unique addition to a bridal gown. Working best with light fabrics a split works seamlessly with couture wedding gowns.

There has been a surge of sexy bridal gowns and leg baring splits are a daring cut to forge this trend.

A split is a common feature in eveningwear as seen in our ‘Giorgia’ and ‘Leora’ but in bridal we have seen only a few in collections such as Suzanne Neville’s ‘Dazzle’, Tarik Ediz ‘Cara’ and our latest addition from Tarik Ediz White ‘Elvira’. But is this about to change? We at Eleganza pride ourselves at being at the forefront of bridal and couture trends and we suspect to see a lot more splits in bridal gowns.

A perfect compromise between classy and sexy this cut is a definite option for a bride who wants to stand out.

Whether taken from the front or the side if you are looking for addition to your gown and want to show off your fabulous legs a split may be a perfect addition to your gown.

Brides be ready to show your legs!